Companies Migration

With the entering into force of Law 20.659 that creates the Electronic Company Registry, now two different systems coexist by both of which a company could be constituted.

Why is SpA (Sociedad por Acciones) the best “Suit” for your Startup?

Probably a lot of entrepreneurs developing their startups in Chile have heard of this type of Company. Is also probable that these entrepreneurs have been told that this is the most suitable type of company if you are thinking to incorporate your Startup. But what are really the advantages of the SpA over other kind… Read More Why is SpA (Sociedad por Acciones) the best “Suit” for your Startup?

Company Owners Salary

In Chile, this concept is named “Sueldo Empresarial” and is considered a tax benefit that allows company owners to deduct, as a company expense, the salary paid to the partner or owner, subject to compliance with the requirements and conditions required by law to enjoy the benefit.

Partnerships vs Corporations

In the Chilean Legislation companies can be Partnerships (Sociedades de Personas) or Corporations (Sociedades de Capital). Partnerships have their main reason to incorporate in the qualities of the partners. In other words, the major interest protected is the identity and unity of the co owners. This is the reason why to make a reform of… Read More Partnerships vs Corporations