Relevant Legal Issues for Early Stage Startups

Although sometimes it may not be so clear, in the first stages of a venture, especially from the generation of the idea to the process of incorporating the company, there is a series of legal issue that is necessary to address.

Work made for Hire in Chile

The concept of work made for hire is an exception to the general principle where a person owns all the copyrights in the work that he or she creates. Work made for hire refers to the work created by an employee as part of his or her job. Also is considered work made for hire… Read More Work made for Hire in Chile

Creative Commons

It is known as Creative Commons (CC) the system of licensing that allows the public to use a creative work in a free form in the way and extension previously agreed by the author. Must be understood that almost every legislation around the world automatically gives all the copyrights for the creation to the author… Read More Creative Commons