3 E-Books Gratis Para Emprendedores y Startups

En este post, ponemos a disposición de nuestros lectores algunos e-books relacionados con el mundo del emprendimiento que pueden ser de su interés y que muestran desde distintas perspectivas cómo enfrentar algunos aspectos de las Startups.

Vesting Clause Application

When setting up for a new venture it becomes necessary to take some safeguard measures, be them between Founders or between these and workers. In previous posts we reviewed some of these contractual arrangements, such as the Non-Disclosure or Non-Compete Agreements. These contracts are intended to protect a Company’s intangible asset: Information. These assets may… Read More Vesting Clause Application

Intellectual Property Registry of Musical Works

Intellectual Property Rights of musical works or phonogram author rights have legal protection in Chile, in order make that protection effective, it becomes necessary its registry in the Department of Intellectual Rights. (Departamento de Derechos Intelectuales de la Dirección de Bibliotecas, Archivos y Museos – DIBAM)

Further Proceedings After A Company’s Foundation

After the formation of a company, by means of the Electronic Company Registry or the old system, before the Commerce Registry, it becomes necessary an array of operations and proceedings that will ensure the company’s regular development.

Non-Compete Agreement

Previously in a post in this blog we dealt with the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which in broad terms is about the agreement that the involved parties sign, in order for one or both of them, to refrain from sharing sensitive or classified information about the business at stake with third parties. Thus, avoiding damages that may… Read More Non-Compete Agreement

Industrial Property: Protecting your Startup’s Software and Ideas

Third Part. Software’s Patentability We concluded our last post with the question: how is the software developed by a startup protected. It is a subject that has generated a lot of debate mostly when it comes to legally classify software and identify the kind of protection applicable.

Industrial Property: Protecting your Startup’s Software and Ideas

2nd Part. The value of ideas. Patents and Trademarks As already mentioned in the previous post (see 1st part), Industrial Property Rights grant an exclusive property right over inventions and creations of commercial nature. Software code, algorithms and all ideas and images related to a Startup represent a fundamental entrepreneurship property that requires fair assignation… Read More Industrial Property: Protecting your Startup’s Software and Ideas

Industrial Property: Protecting your Startup’s Software and Ideas

Introduction The concept and regulations of the Industrial Property are constantly evolving. With the Startup phenomenon and the constant increase of new ideas, apps and high innovation softwares, the protection of Industrial Property has become a high-value asset for their development .

How Entrepreneurship Is Reshaping The Legal Industry

The Legal Industry got hit hard during the economic downturn in the US making it a less attractive path for would be lawyers. Nearly all law schools, except Harvard, received fewer enrollments. Nevertheless, in Law, a $300 billion industry and the second largest professional services sector, has become a great place for entrepreneurs.

Opportunities in the Chilean Electricity Market

Chilean electricity market presents interesting business opportunities. On the one hand, Chile faces a shortage of energy supply and significantly high marginal costs and prices (some of the highest in Latin America, as well as between mining countries). The current Government’s Energy Agenda is supposed to face a decade of non-comprehensive and uncertain energy policies… Read More Opportunities in the Chilean Electricity Market